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How it works
Loyalty digital Stamp Card       Loyalty Digital Stamp Cards
Loyalty digital Stamp Card       Loyalty Digital Stamp Cards
1. Sign up | create 

  Oappso Loyalty

Create & design your loyalty cards
Test on your iPhone or Android
Super easy | takes 60 seconds!
2. Share with customers 

  Oappso Loyalty Oappso Loyalty

Share the link or QR you are given
Customers recieve your card to their wallet
We support Apple & Google Wallet
3. Issue stamps & rewards 

   Oappso Loyalty Oappso Loyalty 

Stamp via the Oappso Stamp App or
Stamp Remotely or Stamp Auto via Oappso Loyalty
Easy stamping | Integrate to an existing app
Oappso Loyalty
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Increase Sales

Motivate customers to return.

Excite Customers

Generate further excitment about your brand.

Increase Profits

Modern marketing, see your profits rise.


Push Messages

Tell customers of news & offers direct to their phone!

Location Reminders

Customers are reminded of their card when they enter your shop.

Data & Stats

Gather information to further market, & increase sales.


Custom Design

No need for any code, fast personalization.

Secure Rewarding

Fast & secure rewarding via the app or online.

Unlimited Loyalty Cards

Never run out! Kept in the phone wallet.


What are digital loyalty cards?

A digital loyalty stamp card is a modern electronic version of a traditional paper stamp card, usually stored on the customers phone. Oappso Loyalty allows users to save said card to the Apple or Google Wallet.

What is the benefit of a digital loyalty stamp card to my business?

A digital loyalty stamp card not only increases customer retention, but digital functions such as; digital marketing messages, automatic geo-location notifications, live statistics and much more can be invaluable for many modern day businesses.

What is the benefit of a digital loyalty stamp card to my customers?

Not only are digital loyalty cards contactless, but they are also more convenient than a paper stamp or punch card. Convenience comes by being stored safely in the existing phone wallet to use alongside existing credit cards, boarding cards, train tickets, etc.

Can I expect to increase sales as well as customer retention through Oappso Loyalty?

Yes! If you are actively promoting your loyalty cards in store, or/and if applicable online. Existing businesses on the Pro version who promote their loyalty cards have increased their total sales on average by 30%, easily covering the cost!

Try Now | Free 7 day trial

No Credit Card Required | Cancel Anytime

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