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digital loyalty stamp cards
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How it works
Loyalty digital Stamp Card       Loyalty Digital Stamp Cards
Loyalty digital Stamp Card       Loyalty Digital Stamp Cards
1. Sign up | create 

Create & design your loyalty cards
Test on your iPhone or Android
Super easy - takes 60 seconds!
2. Share with customers 

 Oappso Loyalty Oappso Loyalty

Share the link or QR you are given
Customers recieve your card to their wallet
We support Apple Wallet & Passbook on Android
3. Issue stamps & rewards 

   Oappso Loyalty Oappso Loyalty 

Apply stamps & give rewards -Repeat
Stamp their card using Oappso Stamp App
(to log in use the same details you use when you sign up)
You can now also stamp remotely online!
Oappso Loyalty

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Increase sales

Motivate customers to return.

Excite customers

Generate further excitment about your brand.

Increase profits

Modern marketing, see your profits rise.


Push messages

Tell customers of news & offers direct to their phone!

Location reminders

Your customers are reminded of their card when they enter your shop.

Get stats/data

Gather information to further market, & increase sales.


Custom design

No need for any code, fast personalization.

Securley scan/update

Quickly & securely scan online or via the app.

Unlimited loyalty cards

Forever! Never run out!

Looking to resell? Earn 25% ongoing!


What are digital loyalty stamp cards?

A digital loyalty stamp card is a modern electronic version of a traditional paper stamp card, usually stored on the users phone.

What is the benefit of a digital loyalty stamp card to my business?

A digital loyalty stamp card can not only save on paper, but digital functions such as; digital marketing messages, automatic geo-location notifications, live statistics and much more can be invaluable for many modern day businesses.

What is the benefit of a digital loyalty stamp card to my customers?

With growing concerns about in store contact after the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, not only are digital loyalty cards contactless, but they are also more convenient than a paper stamp or punch card. Convenience comes by being stored safely in the existing phone wallet to use alongside existing credit cards, boarding cards, train tickets, etc.

Can I expect to increase sales as well as customer retention through Oappso Loyalty?

Yes! If you are actively promoting your loyalty cards in store, if applicable, and online in order to grow a strong platform you can reach your customers on. On the Pro version existing businesses through active marketing have increased their total sales on average by 35%!

How easy is Oappso Loyalty to set up?

You can set up your card design and be ready to go within 60 seconds! Oappso Loyalty not only has made it very simple to do, but has given you the full flexibility to make it work for your business. Once you quickly become familiar with Oappso Loyalty, you will start to see the incredible benefits it has to offer. Try Now!

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